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Getting Serious!

February 20, 2014

I have been fighting weight gain for several years now and have decided to get serious about getting healthy.  Not just losing to look better, but to get in better shape health wise, get my blood pressure back to a normal reading, stop having so much edema, and maybe get off some of my medicines.  I have been reading several blogs about smoothies, my favorite is “eating bird food”.   And a vegan blog, which I’m not but I do love veggies, called “Oh my Veggies”. 

So today I went to the store and bought lots and lots of fresh veggies and fruit. I also bought a big can of protein powder, some sunflower seeds and some dried cranberries.  As soon as I got home and got everything unloaded, I went to work making a homemade version of V-8 juice.  I have a little food processor/chopper and a good blender; I chunked some small zucchini and put it thru the processor along with 1 cup of baby spinach leaves, and 1/4 onion, poured that into the blender and added some canned diced tomatoes and a can of diced mixed vegetables, some low sodium chicken broth, seasoned it with some garlic powder, lemon pepper seasoning, cayenne pepper, and blended away!  It was really thick when I finished so I added enough water and broth to make it the right consistency.  I drank about half a glass and it was pretty good. I decided to see how it would taste heated like soup!  Wowza!!  It was delicious, popped it into the microwave with a scant teaspoon of butter and it was really good!

This summer I really want to have a small vegetable garden and I know the fresh vegetables will taste better then the canned, and even better than what you buy in the store.  Can’t wait for the farmers markets to start up again. We have a really good one in Aurora on Wed and Sat mornings.

I have also started doing exercises on the machine I bought a few years ago. It has all the same stations that the Curves gym does and the added convenience of being in my home so that I don’t have to make myself get out and go!  I have used it off and on since buying it, but never stuck with it on a regular basis.  This time I am going to for all the right reasons.

I also am cutting down on my sweet iced tea  (grooooan)  I love my tea!!  and drinking more water. As long as it is ice cold, it’s ok. Not going to get into the fad of flavored waters and “sport” drinks which only add things I am trying to do without. I tried ‘dieting’ this past week, cutting down, not on the things I love to eat, but just not eating so much and never lost a pound.  SO, I have realized it’s not how much I am eating, but more WHAT I am eating and WHEN.  I hardly every eat breakfast and then would have a low sugar spell around 11am and I would have my first meal of the day then.  Then I starved all evening and was constantly going into the kitchen for a snack.  BAD IDEA!!   I’ve decided I am going to try going to bed earlier (not 1am)  getting up earlier, eating a healthy breakfast, having my big meal of the day around noon or 1pm, and then eating/drinking one of my smoothies in the evening.  The key is not to eat for at least 2-3 hours before going to bed, especially if it is fat or carbs.  Drink lots of water and maybe have a small piece of fruit. 

I’m blogging this so I will be more compelled to stick with it. Nothing like having potentially thousands of people know you have NO self control!!  LOL 

For the record, I am 66 years old, 5′  tall, and weigh……………………..240lbs.  That is 60 lbs more than I ever weighed, even 9 months pregnant.  I have low back issues, (which are partially due to my weight, but also to 40 years of being a nurse)  high blood pressure, severe pedal edema, fibromyalgia, knee and hip problems, and hopefully by losing weight, some of these problems will decrease or disappear.  I promise myself I will blog weekly progress notes!


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